SET - make-up bag and mobile phone pouch

Set of zippered purse and mobile phone/ glasses pouch


Mobile phone/ glasses pouch: 

Size: 7,5 x 17 cm inner size - fits iPhone 6s Plus WITHOUT any case or any smaller mobile phone. Perfectly suits as glasses pouch, pencils holder etc.


Material: 100% cotton outside and inside

Fully iterfaced with soft padded material to protect your phone or glasses.


Elastic strap closing with button.


Zippered purse:

Size: 15,5 x 14 cm - inner size


Suits perfectly as pencil case, make-up bag... One can never have enough of these small handy bags to have everything perfectly organized.


Material: 100% cotton inside and outside, fully interfaced to hold its shape and to protect all your essentials.


These are ONE OF A KIND bags - due to the technic of hand dyeing cannot be copied or repeated, therefor customization is not possible. 



SET - make-up bag and mobile phone pouch