About Original by Shary 

Original by Shary handbags and accessories are real handcrafted originals. From drawing the idea through all the development process of creating the patterns to final product.

I always think about my costumers’ needs and preferences, so I am trying to put some additional value to all my products. For example the little snap clip inside bags for easy organizing the keys or to have little pouch snaped on not to search the little essentials everywhere inside the bag.

My own patterns and own creating process allows me to craft real customized bags. If you like any design or colour combination in my shop, but prefer different size, please don´t ever hesitate to contact me. Custom orders are more then welcome. You can have the handbag designed exactly to match your needs and preferences.  I have already created real special ones, for example for one very unique lady that need exactly specific structure of inner environment of bag due to her medical needs. These kind of orders make me satisfied with my work and I like such orders very much.

Custom orders are usually ready for shipping within 3-5 days, but this always depends on design of each bag. Estimated time and exact price will be discussed before beginning of work. 

I am based in the northwest of Republic of Ireland, therefor most of my bags are made from shower- and stainresistant fabrics. You can be sure all your essentials are safe inside your handbag against rain or snow.

I personally know all my suppliers and choose only finest quality ones with whom I have only best experiences since the beginning of my bags production around 2007.

I will never be a large amount producer and instead of this I would like to follow my way and spend my working time by paying attention to every single detail on every single bag, handbag, crossbody, pouch, purse and many more products that are made only by my own hands.

With my product you will receive also a piece of myself, so I deeply appreciate your choice, wish you a great enjoy with a bag from Original by Shary and would like to stay in contact with you. I appreciate any feedback from my customers.

And one very important detail for my dear costumers - my business is absolutely pets and smoke free, all fabrics are pre-washed and if possible ironed before used in any project, leatherette is carefully cleaned. I fully understand a unique needs of allergics - I am one of you.


If you have any questions, please do not ever hesitate to contact me, I´ll be as responsive as possible.


Wish you a great day💕